Monday, February 9, 2015

Career Technical Education Week

It's Career Technical Education Week at JELCC! 


So, why do we celebrate CTE?
It's fun! 
And, CTE Increases Student Achievement!
Check out the Research:  
  • The more students participate in CTSO activities, the higher their academic motivation, academic engagement, grades, career self-efficacy, college aspirations and employability skills. (Alfeld et al., Looking Inside the Black Box: The Value Added by Career and Technical Student Organizations to Students’ High School Experience, 2007) 
  • Students at schools with highly integrated rigorous academic and CTE programs have significantly higher achievement in reading, mathematics and science than do students at schools with less integrated programs. (Southern Regional Education Board, Linking Career/Technical Studies to Broader High School Reform, 2004) 
  • CTE students are significantly more likely than their non-CTE counterparts to report that they developed problem-solving, project completion, research, math, college application, work-related, communication, time management, and critical thinking skills during high school. (Lekes et al., Career and Technical Education Pathway Programs, Academic Performance, and the Transition to College and Career, 2007)